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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 22, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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a full twenty seconds oh and cheese. sean went into so much for joining us. it's now the seventh day of operations to find those still aboard the sun can say with paul barry. rescue teams are doing everything they can at the sight of the accident in the hope of finding any survivors however still file the dead bodies have been covered and the death toll which is why i think that's pretty standard of one hundred and twenty one the st eleven sentencing and that the king book on hire purchase twenty km away from the accident sites eyes. as you just mentioned the confirmed death toll continues to rise rapidly and the number is now well over one hundred. most of the bodies have yet to be
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identified but they did come with very very detailed descriptions like what they were wearing the length of their hair and even the shape of their hearings. the family members of the missing half intention out here at the harbor forty days and now they are gathering around the list trying to match the descriptions with their loved ones with the credit i think that fall more and more family seemed to be filling in the harbor. it is a heartbreaking sight to see as parents break down into tears but it is confirmed that a body if their child. a temporary funeral parlor has been set up here at the time i had the time of the harbor that we pulled up to one hundred and eighty body. i understand that some disappointed parents of the deceased a complaint that the best efforts could have been done faster. did they believe that the children died in st. yes they are lashing against the acting out against the government saying that they are taught that the children's lives were lost due to
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the government's slow response to the very good fast friends. i might spend intimate pass them on etsy to get any feedback positive that that that. nearly two hundred people still the main thing inside that something very. and nearly ninety percent of those are believed to be stated spent my high school as i looked on the panel can harbor the law students witnessed with a lot of time we score in despair as thousands of bodies which has poured into the harbor. a mother who lost a daughter we're starting to string it up to class. it seems many people are participating in religious activities. praying for their loved one's religious volunteers for spirit to help people in that time of need to try and help ease some of their pain and sorrow. it is truly heartbreaking. a recap and the middle of the night as the ferry disaster month the family so that they can say it's easier to get to
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have this kind of religious services. as we can pray and share our support. also many others who have come to the harbor to share it with the pain. the rescue team has temporarily suspended certain rescue operations boards ninety the vast living parent although today is the start of the new title that is when the tides are supposed to be at their lowest is the spontaneity not given out how to party like that harbour. most of the greatest art strategy in locating the missing passengers of the skeletal ferry operations are focusing on the third and fourth floors but experts believe most of the bodies will be found in the ship's cafeteria for details let's turn to our continue standing by at the central disaster and safety headquarters on kindle when kevin phillips in on the latest. hey guys this
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post person on tues afternoon and said that the search team had to recover twenty two additional bodies on the third and fourth floors of the vessel of today. in addition to play three of bodies are recovered on monday. the most of the victims received over the past two days were high school students who attended and the fairies thus when the vessel capsized. he added that many more on recovered bodies are thought to be located in the cafeteria of the vessel as it was prefaced with the ferry started listing. there's going to be the next place the first answer. but today she wanted to remind vessels on thirty two aircraft in over seven to fifty diapers for deployed for search operations. back to you guys the international community is reaching out to help and this time it needed to tell us more about that. the shoes
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on under us this defense department said monday that fences and in the navy salvage ship out to help hope of recovery period. south korea has not formally requested her to shut up was truly be moved from thailand the ship was assigned to repair or seven ships crippled in a combat anywhere or around the world the rescue team also successfully dispatched to remotely operated underwater peoples in the united states for the first time and the dead and three experts from the netherlands as typical as well. a korean authorities have also asked to borrow barges and cranes and the sun is peeking under reporting live at the central disaster and safety of the minister's headquarters and spindle. aside from the search and rescue operations the big question that remains is what happened aboard the syllable very bright before the campsite investigators are still trying to figure that out but the bottom of what he said that it is and may help uncover others picking tea
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and has the details the first three minutes and thirty six seconds after a forty eight wednesday morning. the track director for the simple theory was apparently not connected and not providing information of the ministry of fisheries has restored the record is ineffable automatic identification system the station. it should not be in the first thirty six sec and ministry official said that was held there you have experienced a blackout during this time. the movie they ask advice might have been disconnected for that period of time. restore greater use emergency batteries. after that missing thirty six second period past is attracting record shows that the syllable fairy has slowly started turning east on board. and that of roughly ten forty five degrees the officials said the event bubbly and golden and finished in the air suddenly at the time that suited
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the ferry was traveling at normal speed of seventeen knots. it was about to turn this around ten degrees heading into the treacherous water weight. a very tight ministry added that the tea in the seat further to see it to capsize was costly to the reduced titanic severity of the vessel. if there was an electrical blackout a commitment he had effect on the theory and another possible cause of the accident. he doesn't need any. any investigation into why and how the two got off the pinnacle of hundreds of passengers was still inside thinking where to start and end joins us in the studio security and more crew members are now behind bars that's right and just a couple of covers of the pond it is to quote a share of arrest and detention wines for the four additional crew members that were arrested yesterday and they are not free including the captain that were already taken into custody one of the weekend so in total now we have seven of the fairies crew members at
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the teams in the four crew members claim they try to correct the ferry when it started to lift the veil because there was something wrong with him that the teaching women how contrary to my speculation he also played the captain did a shoe on the back nation where as for the trip was part of pointing out the crew's failure to release fourteen like floats which they pass on their way to the rescue boats they said they did try to release the floats but failed because the word out of reach. each of those light clouds could have carried up to twenty five people and how they ended the coastguard said it was among nine thirty am wednesday when the regional rescue team arrived at the accident site into a team of up thirty minutes to get their mitts means coast guard officials were aware of the situation and ninety yen and nancy no initial investigation had revealed that the crew members started to escape the sinking ship that are running thirty seven
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am. so that's a lot about ten minutes after the passengers were last hole to stay current with their life vests on by the crew so as a result most of the crew members were able to get on to the rescue boats and tasty cafe while hundreds of passengers was going down with the sinking ship. investigators are still considering charging some of the crew members with homicide. and there's intense i stayed in tents on the investigation now on the actual ship operator that's right the tiny demanding company is the friend that we are talking about the national tax service launched a special in the four friends that are close to me in it to the freight operator of the tongue is a marine company the special investigation team also imposed travel bans on thursday. additional personnel related to the operator of the prosecution is also looking into whether the operator xmas men and the family which owns the company in the gift taxes or embezzled funds. they make
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even the overseas transactions. this does travel bans calm after the president of the company to men seeking bail on you see my careful the chairman of the company's parent friend as well as his two sons were banned from traveling this past sunday the two sons are the biggest shareholders are the operators holding company with former cheney knew i said to be the practical order of the firm in the your family the party has more than two hundred and thirty million dollars worth of assets and that's excluding debt and assets kept outside of chretien reports a former german units that lisa thirteen overseas a corporate branches and used them to snowball. the family's assets and then the maritime industry is looking into the booking. the operators business license yeah that's correct christmas devotions and fisheries said today the fact that they're considering revoking the operators business license in its official said although the campsite she needs to be salvaged before any conclusion is made on
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whether the operator indeed contribute to the ferry sinking the crew's failure team that beat the passing years is enough to be poked its licence returned and thank you so much for that update. no problem. so a ferry disaster is certainly raise serious questions about safety awareness as a whole here in korea. authorities have vowed to punish those responsible for the accent of the full extent of the walk however records show that the economy and also highly maritime regulations often get away with just the one horse crap on the backs of cars in the past month. and the coast guard official sleepover ago after knocking on and in search of survivors seven crewmembers were found dead in this hen run accident this happened last year when march in the seawater swear that a lot of theory incident took place. and just about to be authorities cut six crew
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members. the influence of alcohol during a boat in the waters around korea. even if he wants more trouble last month authorities found seventeen sailors steam ships with a lethal i think it's good to pass by theirs alone here in korea about six hundred people were found dead or missing the maritime accidents most of them caused by human error. from two dozen ninety two thousand thirteen. there are about fourteen hundred afghans xt and added those two percent were caused by the crew safety violations and negligence for the cause for most of the accidents. carl is in those cases the penalties for the crew would be considered like i'm most. most of them were let off is just a morning while others were suspended from work. not a single one of the crew members at their licenses revoked. the year after year like punishments for the many accidents in the minors and now with three
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as big as your climax and dance into the four questions or complaints about whether it's finally time to take ccc more serious the land i was tre. a. as you. the use
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of the survivors of the gospel are still missing continue to wait. clinging to that last bit of hope camping out on a toy and didn't go the stairs to our correspondent on ga who is standing by at the judo indoor gymnasium. jia hao or the families doing. ais is relatively calm here but it's very tense as divers continued to call our bodies this evening. and after seven days of leading people here are exhausted both physically and mentally many went back and forth from the gymnasium to the panel could harbor to see what's going on with their own hides. and while the whole country is hopefully waiting for news of survivors a lot with the family is here. hundreds of volunteer workers came to the team to team needs him to offer a helping hand and to encourage the families desperately waiting for their missing ones to stay strong
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the whole world would you design most of the year and i don't know how much the supplies can feel the sorrow of the families that sister sent from across the nation of working the night to distribute them to the families hoping that they will provide cover for them at least a little apple will i came here today to support the families here because they're already so many volunteer workers. i feel that i can help them in the morning. see every kiss if that means lying down in the gymnasium and they look when i'm comfortable the weekend that the government plans to do something about this. she guessed you son. earlier today eight coastguard team to the podium and told the families that authorities are planning to partition the chimneys him to protect the privacy of their families but some of the sums are saying that the authorities are acting too late with fewer and fewer relatives of
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the victims staying at the gym needs him now as more bodies are being discovered and identified the families are leaving to attend to their loved ones. the coast guard went on to say that the representatives of the families are now in discussions on how to proceed with funerals. the families that are still is. here are clinging to the hope that survivors will be found there are notes at the entrance of the gymnasium and one of the greens come back soon tater so we can have dinner together. it's truly heartbreaking scene this has been a cia report live from that's intelligent nice. the bodies that had been recovered from the sale of charity are transferred either to hospitals or funeral homes and as we see today more are being released to their families. i think ben is out of one of the hospitals in and send in a capitalist holiday and is receiving the body sets in and what's the latest. yes a total of eleven bodies of
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victims has been released from the city of einstein just today but five of those being students from this location here at korea university of bonn from hospital. now as more and more bodies are cunning and one after another more victims coming down and just an hour ago to more victims are priced the bodies of time in high school student with the surname oh and another still going on but not much else has been released about the identity of the students and that brings the total number of victims lying here at eight. officials here at the funeral policy that four more bodies are honestly tonight and ask for more victims are rides more mourners after mourners are visiting the feeder halt to pee their respect. on wednesday twenty five more bodies are expected to be released at eight different in our halls in primetime. in a briefing held at the hospital hours ago today officials here say they are reviewing the possibility of releasing in patients depending on their conditions
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now that this comes at the hospital has been saying that most of the patient's physical and mental conditions had improved since they are brought to the hospital the first day an earlier to the parent of the students made an appeal at the kyneton office of education at her to persuade rescue operations and also criticizing the media for its indiscriminate reports on this tragic accident and they've also last for all of society to help them pass through this very difficult moments. seven we hear that memorial altar serving set up in the city of on site so people can pay their last respects to those who have passed. that's right i had a temporary um culture is set to be released and sent to be ready by tomorrow morning on wednesday around nine o'clock and had a friend or an alternative still being set up at the einstein of olympic memorial hall about ten
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minutes away from this location here and friends and relatives it will be able to pay tribute to those who have passed and as a family of the victims the wish to call them tomorrow all turf for all of those who have passed the city of einstein said tuesday that the are the good thing they have decided to build the moral culture at the park and recreation park for all of those who have passed. i'm not an afterlife not only hearing on the fun but also in the city and in china from where this tale of a fairy left to shore another grim them or i'll turn will be set up that the international scene mary's hospital which is very sending out there to cover bodies are being helped that's all for now and this has been some time in reporting live from cami averse to be un fun hospital korean celebrities else are doing their part to help prevent the use of this little ferry disaster in every dodgers pitcher d hands and is one that he held a special autograph session with all proceeds going to the survivors and families of the deceased came in she has
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the chance. la times baseball fans gather in front of dodger stadium in los angeles where future un genocide on aircrafts to raise funds to support the victims of this tale of a ferry disaster korean american plan to take part in the event that he wanted to help outing. anyway nate picked it up on its must be high time that i helped him raise his help. it was a sentiment shared by all who were there. this demonstration was a family when a sissy when it involves a jump that high schoolers don't remember. it's very tragic. he said that he was keeping up with the news out of curry as adding that his thoughts are with the victims and their families. he also put up a sign on his locker that read taylor for sixteen fourteen inch tv. he has already donated one hundred thousand us dollars to hk
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nine an allegation your mark in this town a ferry disaster i'm hoping for good news please take care. other korean celebrities have also been making donations. here's to starting an anti some one hundred thousand dollars to the staff and tweeted that she prays for a miracle. a list of actors have also made contributions a dance mom also delivered believe it's the harbor daughter tori and her families had been stained and all dance to express one's message to families and friends in this horrible disaster are not alone in this very difficult time convincing me downs. the road crazy alone in handling the monumental task of calling this a local ferry for survivors and bodies. us
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president barack obama is scheduled to get this holiday later this week. washington has made all of it to the sources in the beach and available to me in a party and even offered to help determine the cause of the accident the content box the us remains of the ready to help her reach and it's very difficult time the pentagon said monday that the navy salvage ship uss safeguard is now feeling to know what is of korean and she still asks for help salvage operation is one thing began. the us national transportation safety board has also pledged to help investigators determine what caused the ferry to think if requested. the us navy ship uss one hundred chart which was conducting routine patrols and green waters last week of reading on the disaster site along with its helicopter. president obama was scheduled for the console for three day visit later this week has pledged full support in the ongoing search and rescue
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operations. the presidential advisor david rohde said this week during a press briefing and that the ferry disaster it will take priority during a bus trip to seoul. in addition to this of a disaster president obama and president huckabee are also expected to discuss north korea's nuclear program rohde said the door to dialogue remains open for kenya. so long as the regime is ready and willing to be new parents. honey can i be on its. what president obama by this old this friday no after we added showing signs of preparing for the fourth new protests south korean defence ministry spokesperson kim in seoul said tuesday that increased movement has been detected at the north and eighty nuclear test site he added that kenyon is at a stage where he could carry out a nuclear test at any time. south korea and us forces are closely monitoring the situation and a self defence ministry and the joint chiefs of staff have also set up a crisis
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management task force to prepare for possible tax experts have speculated recently that a fourth nuclear test could be in the words ahead of obama's visit to tokyo and seoul this week. and on the eve of u s president barack obama's trip to japan a group of nearly one hundred fifty japanese lawmakers paid respects at the controversial yasukuni war shrine where convicted war criminals are late edited by a group of legislators from all parties at least one cabinet minister to mock an annual spring festival to strong rebuke from korea a country force under japanese colonial bully in the early twentieth century. korean foreign ministry spokesperson took a young described the visit as deplorable and an anachronistic act that undermine stability in the region. japan's chief cabinet secretary she did this the guy said earlier that the deserts for an individual matter. first although they just beat it and not something that government should interfere
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with. the secure work has been making a lot of progress without too much difficulty thanks to the mild weather and thirty thousand to build on that joins us here in the studio. how does the weather the kids in them the guy that looks like the weather and today look continued to look favorable truth this week on at the moment that's about twelve point two degrees they then a misty conditions strong winds are blowing at six point nine meters per second that's not an issue as waves are compact zero point four meters. thursday is wed is when the speed of tidal currents and cool it down to their lowest on the contents it go down to about a meter per second. now tomorrow we
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will get for opportunities would this be if prices go down to as low as half a meter per second and held the act too whiny and nine thirteen am three thirty pm and eight thirty five pm the weather how the gun to go for tomorrow looks to be more moderate than today between high. going down to half a meter but that's all for now and i'll be back with the latest after midnight thank you both young and those other stories we're following at this hour ntu signs telling them to come and stay tune for the latest on the ongoing sunken ferry rescue operation or find us online at aidan got seo dot kr will cease. then lindsay
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